Tuesday, July 5, 2011

VACATION TIME: Closing the Week of Valken

       This 9 day long project took a lot longer than ten days to make, believe me, and long before I started writing the articles, ideas for how I wanted to do the “Week of Valken” were percolating in my brain. Regular readers know by now that I have a team which is sponsored by Valken, or more accurately their Canadian distributor, Underground Productz, and this week of reviews and coming Valken gear picture galleries is the team's way of repaying them for how instrumental they've been in helping me organize and equip my little recreational/scenario team since we are a low budget group of guys who aren't super mobile. I hope no one will take the fact that I'm sponsored as a suggestion that the reviews from the week were biased. I tried to give equal representation to pros and cons of the products when reviewing all of them and the means by which the team became sponsored by Valken was me approaching Valken, not vice versa. They didn't ask the blog to do anything, I asked them to sponsor this team (Kamloops Fusion for those wondering) because I loved their gear and what they had to offer, and I already owned a full Zulu V-Cam get-up before anything was arranged.
       I hope the two dealers (Valken and UGP) liked it if they followed along, I hope the readers liked it, I know I certainly enjoyed it since I take a good deal of pride in the blog and adding 30% more content felt great but I think it's time for a breather. This event has been weighing on my mind quite heavily since the idea to do it came to me and aside from posing the boys for pictures, the writing, editing, and general production was a solo act. I'm thinking now that some time away from self imposed blog deadlines is in order. The galleries are coming and I'm stoked to have some time to do camera work instead of my one track attention span being focused solely on paintball, be it working the field or for the blog.
       I hope that in the last few days I've acquired some more readership from the places on Facebook that I've shared updates on the event. If you liked the Week of Valken and took the time to look at some older articles, let me know what you thought of all of it, and if you're a real keener, you'll let me know what sort of material you hope to see on the blog in coming weeks as well.

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