Monday, July 4, 2011

TEASER: Valken SW-1 Marker

       Here's the teaser for a certain Valken product review I was very much hoping to have completed for the Week of Valken, the SW-1, but due to some unfortunate corner cutting on behalf of the warehouse help who packed my team's "order number two", it won't be ready for a little while longer. What were some of the issues? Well, we got the marker, it was missing a rear site, missing a hopper feed neck, and had been quite thoroughly test fired with broken paint residue coating the bolt and the part of the marker the bolt calls home. This was our first order with the sender, and no one had ordered from them in the past at the retail capacity. On it's own, the marker transgression wouldn't have been so upsetting, if this hadn't been the second order in a row from a Valken distributor which was either incomplete or incorrect.
       We love Valken products here in Kamloops, but we're not stoked about the service from the distributors. KPG Fusion's deal with Valken was to support the local field and business (done), bring new players into the sport (constant and ongoing), and use their gear. This last one has been difficult to do with incomplete and incorrect orders sent to us. We had a lot of nice things to say about the gear this week, and some more nice things to say tomorrow, but we can't candy coat the shipping service aspect of the deal.
      A complete review will hopefully be posted once we've rectified the issues and I tell you about the porblems now because I'd be posting without any sort of professional objectivity if I chose not to. If you'd like to see some more media of the SW-1 prior to the full review at a later date, you can see it on Valken's site (link).

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