Monday, July 18, 2011

The Addendum Reviews Come Marching In

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       The addendums to some of my previously posted reviews are coming in now! The final method I decided to use to do this was going back and giving them all another proof-read (and believe me, some of them needed it) and then editing in new thoughts on the product after typing “ADDENDUM”. I added some new opinions to the 5.11 Coyote ATACs boot 8 inch (Here), Oakley Assault S.I. Gloves (Here), and made an affirmation of my love for the Dye I4 with an addendum opinion regarding the lens (Here).
       Now, I am a junkie for racking up page hits but I won't make you click all those links to get revised and re-proofed content, even if it does mean passing up a potential 200 hit day. What I had to add on to my review about the 5.11 boots was how much they disagreed with the shape of my feet. In the original review I did post about how in the first pair I wore, I managed to destroy the heel of the boots by placing a new insole over top of the old one, raising my foot to a height it didn't belong. 5.11 was nice enough top replace those but by the time they did, I'd purchased another pair, 2 for the price of one new pair in the end. I'm currently wearing pair number 3 since during the time since posting, pair number 2 crapped out on me, the heel wearing worse than the first pair. 5.11 recommends purchasing a pair one size smaller, or one half size smaller to remedy this if you encounter the problem. I did this and still had the issue. I know of no one else who's had the issue though, so it must be my own mutant heels. Though I personally won't be investing in any more pairs since the boots hate me, I still recommend them to anyone looking for a good tac-boot since they are that damn comfortable. By the way, not to toot my own horn but... the review of the boot? If you plunk 5.11 coyote atac review into Google and certain permutations of it, Eight Pound is the first result at the top of the page, above 5.11's own website!
       Oakley Assault S.I. Gloves: Still a good glove with good protection all around, the knuckles still being the most amazing part. The palms continue to hold up well but when I wash them to get heavy soiling out, the palms will BLEED black dye out of them. No rips yet, no other broken stitches than the original one mentioned, some fuzzing from friction, but when you wash them you have to find a spot to let them dry which you don't mind having a black hand print on from the dye bleeding out with the water.
       The Dye I4's (Verbatim): I still love the mask, have worn it in every kind of weather imaginable barring a tornado or hurricane and they have never once fogged on me or any other heavy breather at my field whose purchased one. Since buying one and sporting it at my field earlier this season, it's become the most sought after mask in Kamloops. Most people still wear JT hard plastic Flex masks at KPG but those are usually what they purchased as a first mask. If an upgrade from an entry level face protector is what those people are after, then they usually end up buying an I4, the I4's only competition up there being the Sly Profit and more than 50% of those who have purchased those are having buyer's remorse! I have encountered two issues though, one very small, and one somewhat bigger: Due to lacking a visor of any kind, the vent above the lens are exposed to the elements, this allows paint spray to fall into the mask sometimes, as well as rain water. Not a huge deal if you clean it quickly after but if outside pollutants fall inside and aren't cleaned quickly, it will lead to problem 2. The mask will bubble a bit. The coating itself doesn't come off or rise off the surface of the mask and it's only the inside surface where it's an issue, but anywhere I had outside pollutants touch, there is a permanently distorted spot if I didn't clean it immediately. On the bright side, if you have this issue, Dye makes very affordable replacement lenses at only 30$ CAD from

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