Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GALLERY: Valken V-Tac - Milsig Gear Shoot - Feb 22nd, 2011

       There's probably a whole lot of people on my facebook who are getting tired of seeing these pictures in their news feed but it's going to show up once more via my twitter feed. No lengthy text posts prepared at the moment but I decided to figure out how to use Picasa and post some gear pictures from a shoot I did with a team mate yesterday.

        Next thing on the to do list for the blog is to figure out the youtube account as I still don't know how to work that (I need to get with the times, right?). I've rounded up a crew of locals to make a team with and we bagged a modest Valken sponsorship for the 2011 so expect to see a lot more media of the whole team come summer, as well as reviews of all the products we try

       Have a look at the pictures, enjoy, click to enlarge! this is only two of close to 20 shots I imported and processed, I encourage you to follow this link to the full public album: Valken - Milsig Gear Shoot

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