Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MISSION STATEMENT: Ghost of Posts to Come

Loadout of early 2010
       Oh dear, I've been doing an awful lot of talking about myself and not enough about all things paintball so far. I should fix this... in the next post I swear...! But in this one I suppose I should talk about the blog itself and what I hope to achieve here. First, I guess I should explain the title: Eight Pound Ops. The “Ops” part most likely came from two sources, both reading Grey Ops and playing a fair bit of Black Ops at the time of creating the blog. Whats with the growing rainbow of different colored ops? I needed more than just “ops” so what was I to preface it with? With the blog being milsim in nature, the answer came in the one thing my gear is criticized the most for, the weight of it all. I opted to use the Milsig Paradigm as a reference and looked up the weight Milsig advertised it as being: 3.150kg without the magazine and 13ci tank. 3.15 kilogram Ops doesn't really have a ring to it though so I did some modifying to imperial weights and came up with the rounder number of 8. The title was born but it wasn't the only title considered, I'd also considered Eight Pound Paintball since that would have the name of the sport in it but I opted for the shorter title which rolled off the tongue a little smoother and decided not to nit pick so much.
       In regards to content of this blog, it's not going to be a personal blog per se. I will continue to tell stories as I've done so far, but what I really hope to do is review products, reflect on tactics, loadouts, news, and issues in milsim paintball, and answer questions and requests for blog entries. This is not going to be a day by day diary about me and it's not going to be a broad, multi-interest blog about everything from machine-guns to makeup. I hope to maintain a focus on one topic, and that's paintball, specifically military simulation paintball though I'll try not to limit myself to just the one style.
Milsim garners an awful lot of interest in new players
       Everything you've read so far is what I hope to model the rest of the blog off of: lengthy, informative posts, which if I'm not proud of the finished product will not be posted here to be read. If Eight Pound Ops hasn't been your cup of tea in regards to reading material so far, I do urge you to give it a slightly longer chance as in coming days I hope to add some more varied reading material though more personal history posts might be coming as a second contributor may soon join the blog. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas.

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